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Cargo Tank Pressure Monitoring System(VALCOM, VL28)
  Short Description
  Comply to new SOLAS requirement effective July 1998 Monitor up to 24 tanks or more...

  Detail Description
  Cargo Tank Pressure Monitoring System(VALCOM, VL28)

Valcom VL28 had been designed to meet the requirement of the new the new SOLAS II-2 Part D. Reg. 59 which requires the provision of early warning of over/under pressurisation condition in the vessel cargo tanks. Equipments selected for this purpose are type approved from various classification societies and all components used have worldwide sales and service support.

The display of the individual tank pressure is via a LCD display Analogue Alarm Annunciator. Tanks pressure to be displayed is selectable from the keypads at the annunciator. Alarm setting can be done either via RS232 link or from the annunciator unit itself.

Under pressure set point and over pressure set point alarms for individual tank/channel can be set individually. Whenever pressure exceeds the preset level, the corresponding alarm LED will flash and a siren output is energised. Simultaneously the alarm text and actual pressure is shown in the LCD display. Reset will deactivate the siren output and the flashing LED will change to steady lamp. The steady lamp will remained lighted as long as the set point is exceeded.

This unit can be used to indicate up to 24 pressure transmitter/tanks. This analogue alarm annunciator is type approved by Lloyd's Register of Shipping and CE.

Intrinsically safe Pressure Transmitter
24/48 Channel Analogue Alarm Annunciators
Wall mounted or Panel Mounted Alarm Monitoring Cabinet
Stainless Steel transmitter enclosure
Stainless Steel Isolating valve and flange
Audible and Visual Alarm

This analogue alarm annunciator is also capable of monitoring cargo tank temperature when required. When the total number of cargo tank exceed 24, monitoring is still possible just with the addition of another analogue annunciator and related instruments.

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