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Water Ingress Alarm System (VALCOM, VL18)
  Short Description
  Water Ingress Alarm System(VALCOM, VL18)with option to Integrated Dewatering Control of Forward Spaces in accordance with SOLAS Regulation XII/12 and SOLAS Regulation XII/13

  Detail Description
  Water Ingress Alarm System(VALCOM, VL18)with option to Integrated Dewatering Control of Forward Spaces in accordance with SOLAS Regulation XII/12 and SOLAS Regulation XII/13

Feature & Design:

Main Controller

The main controller for mounting on the bridge comprises of only 3 main components, a 5.7-inch Graphic display touch-screen, a master module and an I/O module. The touch-screen provides Colour graphic and text indication of the water ingress inside each cargo hold, forward dry spaces and forward ballast tank.

When option of the Dewatering of Forward Dry Spaces Control is included, the touch-screen will also provide Colour graphic and text indication of the Dewatering of Forward Dry Spaces event control.


Audible alarm is integrated. Audible and visual alarm is set at HL of 0.5mtrs and HHL at 2mtrs. Two separate buzzers of dissimilar warning tones are used to clearly discriminate the HL and HHL alarm condition.

Dewatering Of Forward Dry Spaces Control

When opted for, the 5.7-inch Graphic Colour Display Touch-screen will offer remote control & operation of the dewatering for Forepeak Tank and Forward Dry spaces Bilge & Ballast drainage valve control and indication system. Complete Remote Control Function & Valve operation failure alarming is fully furnished. Further option of Automatic Pump Start/Stop operation can be integrated as well.

Our interface enables the valve control and monitoring to be installed in parallel with the existing drainage valve control station via simple addition of our AS-I Input/ Output Modules.

Apart from the above, other existing drainage valve control and indication loops at the Bilge & Ballast Valve Control System can be incorporated and integrated to the VL18 system as an additional extended option for full remote control at the Bridge by simply installing the required AS-I Input/Output Modules at such location. Data communication to the Bridge is established via a twisted pair Bus Cable of 1 x 2 x 1.5mm2 to the nearest communication bus loop.


Components used are of standard din rail mounting. This provides the choice for mounting inside existing bridge console.

All modules have individual LED to show the input/output, system and "COMMs" status and this provides quick fault diagnosis.

The modules are built with intelligent features, such as:

a) Hot swappable plug and play with auto configuration, as such replacement of modules is on-line.
b) Future expansion of the system to include more points or other type of system/sensors is just with the adding of expansion modules and upgrading of the touch-screen.

Remote I/O Modules

In accommodation/deck office a local cabinet is installed complete with the remote I/O modules and safety barriers. These modules accept the Hydrostatic pressure transmitters standard 4-20mA analogue input as well as digital input/output signal for interface of Dewatering of Forward Spaces control and indication system and communicate with the master module at the bridge via only a twisted pair-1.5mm2 cable.

At forward machinery space or the Bosun store, a Junction box houses the IP20 AS-I Digital input/output modules that are being applied for the Forepeak Tank and Forward Spaces High Level alarm float switches. When choice of Dewatering valve control option is selected, additional digital I/O Modules will serve the Dewatering of Forward Spaces drainage control and indication application.

External audio and visual alarm for annunciation on deck can be configured as an option.

Sensor - Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter (Cargo Hold)

The hydrostatic pressure transmitter is installed inside each cargo hold (IP68), one for each hold and located at the AFT middle location. All transmitter cables are protected within a cable pipe for mechanical protection (Yard Supply). PE cables from the transmitter are laid in cable pipe to the top-hat connection junction box outside the cargo hold (Yard Supply). Within the top-hat box, electrical connection with IP68 Self-Latching, in-line 3-way connector is furnished. The cable is then routed back to the I/O module via a twisted pair-0.75mm2 cable.

Sensor - Float switch (Forepeak Tank & Forward Dry Spaces)
High buoyancy Polypropylene float switch (IP68) c/w 10 meters CSM (Chlorinated Polypropylene) type cable is installed at the Forepeak Tank and Forward Dry Spaces. These are terminated at the IP20 AS-I digital modules located in the Bosun store or other forward machinery room. Communication is routed back to the AS-I Bus via a twisted pair-1.5mm2 cable.


Save cabling and installation cost
With this system, the owner saves the cost of laying numerous multi-core cables, cables trays, hot work, etc in the accommodation to the bridge. The twisted pair cable can be easily laid to existing cable trays as its RS 485 standard is widely recognized for its susceptibility & noise immunity.

Modify or expand the system with new I/O capabilities. Replace or upgrade I/O modules without disturbing installed wiring, just with plug in terminal connector.

All expansion modules are similar and replacement is simple as no programming or setting of dipswitches or links is needed.

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